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Services in business development
It is Consila’s Passion to support our clients with tailored outsourcing services.
Consila has been operating and developing its business in Russia since 2005. Some years later we started operations in Kazakhstan and in Belarus.
Consila offers a full range of management solutions for setting up business or other operations in their hotspot markets: Europe, Central Asia, BRICS plus, Middle East, Russia, Nordics. Consila outsourcing partners are always on site.
Consila provides a wide range of services for companies from different industries. We’ve already helped our clients from machinery, chemical and engineering industry being their Trusted Representative, supporting in Administrative tasks, Logistics and customs services. However, we are not limited to these services and industries. We are constantly improving and finding new ways to support our customers’ needs.
Our services (search, agency, organization and control combined with prices, quality and deadlines) are designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in hotspot markets, drawing upon international experience but taking full account of local specifics.
As independent service partner our main aim is to provide our clients with all the necessary resources to achieve the desired result.
Together with our clients we find out the best solution for client’s business. We develop a strategy and give our proposals but don’t slip on a standard solution.
We offer unique business solutions which precisely fit your requirements.
For companies launching and developing their business a partnership with Consila brings the assurance of reliable, efficient and modern management approaches to European standards, allied to detailed understanding of their requirements.
Experience, knowledge and a strong team enable us to achieve results confidently and efficiently.

Consila's hotspots:

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Gregor Hermann Huber

Managing Partner at Consila outsourcing company

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Consila solves all issues responsibly and promptly, so we always:

Scrupulously keep to our agreements
Guarantee confidentiality
Guarantee the quality of services provided

For companies taking their first steps on the Russian market

We are ready to become your first port of call for the successful launch of your business project, act as your representative, conduct business meetings and negotiations, lobby your interests and organize workflows for your business processes in Russia.

For companies seeking to develop their business on the Russian market

We are ready to provide support in logistics, customs clearance, and organization of storage and warehousing, as well as helping you with a wide range of administrative tasks.

To get started, you don’t need to register a legal entity and open a regional office.
If necessary, we will recruit one or more skilled employees who fit your company profile and take them onto our payroll. We will take care of all administrative and organizational matters.

We have everything you need to get your business off to a flying start!


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Long-term partnership is the key to our mutual success
We are constantly improving and finding new ways to support our customers’ needs.