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Custom services

Consila is your customs agent
Based on our extensive experience in the provision of wide-ranging custom services, Consila will act as your customs agent and ensure the preparation of all necessary customs documentation (from permit documentation (e.g. registration certificate) to shipping documentation).
We know the peculiarities of customs legislation and legal technicalities that can significantly impact the speed and success of customs operations.
We closely follow all changes to customs legislation, which directly or indirectly relate to issues of clearance and transportation of goods.
This approach allows us not only to speed up all processes associated with customs procedures, but also to offer a significantly more more profitable and economical solution for the client than could be achieved by preparing paperwork without assistance.
Consila carries out the customs clearance of various products, including samples of goods, spare parts, equipment, exhibits, chemicals, and much else besides.
Consila guarantees efficiency and high quality in all operations

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